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Step 2 - Documents

Step 2

You must provide a daytime telephone number and email address with all marriage and civil partnership applications so that the Registrar can contact you easily and quickly.

Both parties will need to provide to the Registrar:

When giving or sending the Marriage Notice Forms (Form M10) or Civil Partnership Notice Forms (Form CP10) to the registrar, both parties must provide the following documents:

  1. your birth certificate
  2. proof of a divorce or annulment (if appropriate) and completed  Foreign Divorce Questionnaire (PDF) [126KB]  (if appropriate)
  3. proof of dissolution of a previous registered civil partnership (if appropriate)
  4. proof of being widowed (if appropriate)
  5. proof of residence, dated within the last three months (Utility Bill, Bank/Building Society Statement not older than 1-month, valid UK driving licence, most recent council tax bill)
  6. a certificate of no impediment showing you can marry (if you live outside the UK or have lived here less than 2 years)
  7. A completed Declaration of Status by Non-UK Nationals- this form is required for all persons who are not British Citizens.  (Your application will not be accepted without this form)
  8. proof of nationality.  If you were born in the UK before 01/01/1983 and your full birth certificate confirms this, you do not need to provide proof of nationality. 
  9. Marriage Visa  ( - you may need a visa to come to the UK to be married.
  10. Celebrant, witness and contact details form

A certified translation must be provided with any documents you submit that are written in a language other than English.

The registrar will contact you via email to inform you of the position of your application.

The postal address to send your marriage or civil partnership application is, Gretna Registration Office, Central Avenue, Gretna DG16 5AQ

Do not delay in submitting your notice form and Declaration of Status by Non-UK Nationals form simply because you are waiting for any of the documents to come to hand. If time is getting short it is better to give notice first and submit the remaining documents to the registrar when they become available before the ceremony date.

Return of documents - Postage

We are unable to hold your documents or return these to you in person.  Your Documents will be returned to you by post. 

You must enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage with your application form for us to return your documents or pay the agreed postage fee of £7.  This charge is in addition to the fees payable below.   

If you have submitted a passport this will be returned to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery service for which you must pay the agreed postage fee of £7.

If you are not a UK National

In addition to the documentation requested above you must also complete a Declaration of Status by Non-UK Nationals

This must be submitted at the time of giving notice, failing to do so will result in the return of your application. In addition to the declaration, depending on your answers on the declaration, please supply the relevant documentation that the declaration requests.

Your application will not be accepted without this form.